Turn is the 15th game mode and the 7th endless mode in Color Switch.


The objective in this game mode is to make the balls hit the designated color. But you don't control balls, you control a multi-colored object in the center of the screen that can be rotated by tapping. The rotating object can be circular, triangular, or rectangular. It can have from two to four colored sides.

For example, when a purple colored ball hits a purple colored side, it splashes and you get one point. If it hits yellow, blue or pink colors, you fail and the game ends. To make sure that correct ball hits the correct color, you need to tap the screen and rotate the object. Balls come from all sides of the screen and move towards the center. Usually, they come one by one, but sometimes they can come in streams of 5 balls that move much faster.

During every game, in top left corner of the screen you can see how many balls you have cleared and how many of them are coming.


  • Although the mode is very unique, it shares some similarities with Control, as you control a rotating obstacle-like object.
  • This, Shoot and Break are the only game modes to not have a star in any levels.

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