This is a list of power-ups and the effects that they have on the player.



Brick Mode

 Speed Down

The symbol is opposite of the speed up symbol: two green arrows pointing downwards. This decreases the ball's speed, making it easier to balance and catch with the paddle. However, sometimes when there is a very small amount of bricks left, it can be annoying.

Spiked Ball

The ball turns into a green, spiked ball and destroys everything in its way. Instead of bouncing off bricks and orbs, it continues to go through them after smashing them. This ball has the ability to destroy unbreakable grey bricks.

Multiple Balls

When touched, two balls, one of each colour, launch out of the paddle through opposite directions.


The item's symbol is a colored paddle (depends on what color was destroy) with a size of a laser. The paddle can shoot 2 colors at a time but it doesn't last long

Extended paddle

The item's symbol is a green paddle with 2 arrows, 1 pointing to the left and one to the right. This extends the paddle to increase the chance of "catching" the ball.

 Speed up

This item's symbol are two small red arrows pointing upwards. By catching this, the ball's speed increases. This usually makes the ball harder to catch with the paddle. Because of this, this is almost always considered as a trick power-up.  

Reduced paddle

The item's symbol is a red paddle with 2 arrows pointing to the paddle. This reduce the size of the paddle and the chance of "catching" the ball.


Speed Booster

First introduced in Level 13, this boost the ball..... (WIP)

Gravity Changer

First introduced in Level 51, this trigger change the gravity in the room. After teleporting to the upper room, the effects will disappear.