Dodge is the 21st game mode and the 15th endless mode in Color Switch.


The gameplay is fairly similar to Bounce. You need to bounce up while avoiding the traps. The ball always bounces left or right while you tap to jump. Unlike Bounce, the screen always moves up, revealing new obstacles that the ball needs to go through in order to reach the finish. Falling to the bottom of the screen always results in the ball explosion and failure, but same also happens when the top of the screen is hit. In other modes, it isn't possible to even hit the top because the screen movement depends on the ball, therefore it is controlled by the player, and the ball is always in the center. In Dodge, the ball doesn't move linearly, which results in the screen being moved automatically, allowing the player to accidentally hit the top if they are too fast. This is why Dodge is different than most of other modes, and this almost always makes an extra challenge.

The ball always leaves ghostly trails behind itself, that make tracking its movements easier to the player.


There are 10 stars at the end of each level, 5 in each row. Skillful players can collect them all at once, by bouncing from one side to another in the way the ball swipes all stars, however, this is very hard to do, and it's usually likely to happen only in levels where the ball and the screen move slowly.



  • Level 50 finally fixed
  • Fix Level 59
  • Level 50 changed

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