• Overdrive with Jacob

    it was the old modes

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  • RealKhanUsermario1118


    December 5, 2017 by RealKhanUsermario1118

    I got a new record on color switch but it didn't appear in the world records. Why is this? it was high enough!

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  • RealKhanUsermario1118

    I have beaten five.

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  • GearWax

    Challenges: Doesn't count.

    Reverse: Why more stages than challenges? But it's cool.

    Races: Not harder than no races.

    Cave: CRAZY difficult. Can't get far at all.

    Color Swap: Boring. Also pretty hard.

    Color Fly: Cool. And pretty hard too.

    Gravity: Really fun and cool.

    Split: Why weren't there more stages for this? It's a really cool mode.

    Bounce: It's one of the hardest modes of all. I can barely get past any of it.

    Black and White: NIce.

    Break: It's a really fun and cool idea.

    Spin: Over too quickly.

    Line: WAAAAAAAAAY too easy.

    Shoot: Clever.

    Turn: Really starting to stretch too far from the original.

    Control: Just the right difficulty, and fun too.

    Zigzag: Gets hard fast with annoying patterns.

    Jump: Seems easy at first and gets brutal.

    Climb: Pretty cool …

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  • Level Easy

    Easiest-Hardest Levels

    February 24, 2017 by Level Easy

    The easiest game modes in Color switch

    1. Ups and Downs
    2. Climb
    3. Tower
    4. The Split
    5. Circle
    6. Spin
    7. Control
    8. Jump
    9. Zigzag
    10. Shoot

    The hardest game modes in color switch

    1. Reverse
    2. Color Fly
    3. Cave
    4. Brick
    5. Dodge
    6. Color Swap
    7. Break
    8. Gravity
    9. Black & White
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